Stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself as a true connoisseur of quality. If you wear or gift hand made jewelry of such excellent class, you’re sure to be known as a person of exceptional taste. Mix and match to suit your own fashion or give a gift that is beautiful and stylish. The choice is yours.

When you first think of jewelry, you might picture items made of silver and gold, and that’s fine. Wooden jewelry has a feel to it, a texture, a warmth – qualities that metals struggle to replicate. There is nothing more comforting than feeling the touch of a wooden bead necklace against your skin, a natural and renewable material that looks great, feels great, and gives a classy image.

Make a Statement

Each color you see in the world around you can have an effect on your mood. The science of color psychology is real, and vibrant bright colors tend to lift your mood, help you to feel empowered, and give you the energy to go about your day.

Vibrant colors and bold styles, pieces that make statements and are bound to create conversations. When you wear one of these hand-made pieces, you’ll understand and feel that passion that brought them to life.

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